Novak Djokovic, almost invincible on the court, loses the appeal and is out of the Australian Open


The most difficult man to beat on a tennis court has suffered the most painful defeat of his career in an office. Novak Djokovic is out of the Australian Open after his appeal to have his visa not revoked it was not successful.

The decision of the three judges of the federal court of Australia was unanimous, making the number 1 tennis player in the world can no longer avoid deportation caused by his administrative offenses and, specifically, for not being vaccinated against Covid.

After the decision this Sunday in Melbourne, Djokovic would have to return to the now famous hotel where he has been held like other individuals with similar cases. It was not reported exactly when he would be escorted to a plane to leave the country.

The Australian Open – the tournament that Djokovic has owned with nine titles, including the last three editions – starts this Monday.

What can make this adverse result against Djokovic even worse is a possible three-year veto on Australian soil, a country that establishes such a measure in deportation orders, as reported by The Associated Press.

The visa of Djokovic, who is the defending champion of the Australian Open, had been canceled for presenting risks to the health and “good order” of the public. In other words, the Australian government has put up a heavy hand to set a public example in times of pandemic.

The story began on January 6 when Djokovic arrived on a flight at Melbourne airport and was held before his visa was canceled due to the failure of the player’s intended medical exemption.

After a series of legal struggles, the fate of the 34-year-old tennis player was resolved this day in a hearing whose result has meant the Definitive “match point” against the man who almost never loses in tennis, but who this time has been defeated by the coronavirus.

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