Nothing shines like gold: 49ers achieve fifth victory

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Week by week, the chances that San Francisco 49ers get a date in the big game of the National Football League increase.

Under the lights of Sunday Night Football, The Bay team extended its undefeated streak of the season by achieving its fifth victory. For the sixth time in the history of the franchise and the first since 2019 (they played Super Bowl LIV), the 49ers start the year 5-0.

The 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys 42-10 in a duel that, under the maximum national audience, proved to be several steps above the rest of the teams in their division and a little ahead of the Philadelphia Eaglesthe other team that has not lost a game this year.

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Christian McCaffrey has become a good habit for the 49ers. The running back scored for the 14th consecutive game to tie Emmitt Smith for the fourth-longest streak in the Super Bowl era.

The contribution of McCaffrey which in addition to the touchdown included 78 total yards, was supported by the quarterback Brock Purdy, the quarterback who in 2022 was chosen with the last pick of the draft and who today shines as one of the best men in his position. Purdy threw for 252 yards and four touchdown passes.

The 49ers managed to end the Cowboys' three-game winning streak. in the regular season and lengthened the ghosts over Dallas that lost the important game against San Francisco two years in a row when they met in the playoffs.

With their first possession of the ball, the 49ers reached the end zone by completing a 75-yard drive that ended with a pass into the tight end's hands. George Kittle.

In the third quarter the 49ers reached the end zone again, curiously with the same formula: advancing 75 yards and ending with a pass from Purdy to Kittle.

The Dallas defense that arrived at Levi's Stadium after scoring four times and allowing four touchdowns during four games, yesterday was doubled by the 49ers, which rises above the rest of the teams this season.

The San Francisco team aspires to become the first to lift a Vince Lombardi Trophy without losing a game since the 1972 Dolphins. While the season is still in its first half, no one is playing as well as the 49ers.

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