Nothing happens in Tamaulipas?

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Raul Flores Martinez.

While President López Obrador tries to distract public opinion with his usual traumas, if those traumas that some sectors of society are right-wing or all those who do not agree with his ideals are conservatives in the real country, organized crime disputes some states.

The proof is the internal war that is taking place between the Gulf Cartel, the Zetas Vieja Escuela Cartel and the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, a war that, for Governor Américo Villarreal Anaya, the violent events that occurred over the weekend, did not take place. damage to civil society and that everything is calm, “they are events between criminal groups; the population is safe and calm.”

What is worse, the declarations of his government secretary, Héctor Villegas González, who denies that criminal groups are entering the state, points out that this is only disseminated on social networks.

Those of us who have been in Tamaulipas know in advance that, if there is a dispute between criminal organizations to seize the entity, for a simple and simple reason, the Nuevo Laredo border for decades has given economic gains to those already established in the zone.

The transfer of drugs and the kidnapping of migrants from Central America who arrive in the entity are juicy profits for the criminals who first belonged to the Zetas and to the different factions of the Gulf Cartel; Now the Northeast Cartel is included.

It is fantastic to say that the fights between the hitmen of the different drug cartels do not harm society, what does this Morenista governor want that in confrontations between criminals, there are citizens killed by the so-called collateral damage, how great is the stupidity of these governors of Morena, what a mad... society is worth to them.

We know in advance that Tamaulipas for decades has been violated by criminal organizations, that neither PRI members, PAN members and now Morenistas will do anything for society; well, if they will do something. Taking millions of pesos from the public treasury to give themselves a life of luxury.

It is useless to fill Tamaulipas with soldiers who go from one place to another and confront the hitmen of the different criminal organizations, if there is not a strategy, like the one promoted in Ciudad Juárez in 2010.

In this strategy, the federal government invested 3,383 million pesos in Ciudad Juárez since the strategy began. Most of that amount, 870 million, has been dedicated to security; 800 to education, culture and sports; 706 to health; 700 to social development and 92 to employment.

The We Are All Juárez strategy began on February 17, 2010, a month and a half after a group of adolescents were shot to death in the Villas de Salvárcar neighborhood of Juárez. The event sparked protests against insecurity and violence.

In the following days, I will tell you what the strategy has been imposed by criminal groups, from Los Zetas, which Miguel Ángel Treviño headed Z-40 at the time, to prevent violent acts from becoming known at the national level, a strategy that It served him so that criminal groups ended up entrenched in the entity.

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