Not everyone can do it. The risks of lip augmentation

Not everyone can do it. The risks of lip augmentation
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He lip augmentation It is a procedure that serves to improve the appearance of the lips by introducing a filler substance that can be resorbable (temporary effect) or non-resorbable (long-lasting effect).

Who is the ideal candidate?

The ideal candidates are people in good condition health with realistic expectations of the result to be obtained, who wish to improve the appearance of their lips, eliminate the wrinkles that appear over time around them or stop their thinning.

This procedure is not indicated in:

  • Patients with certain diseases, such as diabetes either lupus erythematosus.
  • People with a tendency to develop hypertrophic scars (keloids).
  • People with previous scars on the lips.
  • People with disorders of blood coagulation.
  • People with cold sores recurring.

What factors should be taken into account before proceeding with its implementation?

Although this procedure can be performed at any time of the year, in summer sun exposure should be avoided using creams with a high protection factor. In general, the desired results are achieved in a single session, although in some cases a later touch-up is required.

How is lip augmentation performed?

It can be done by injection of various materials with a very fine needle, or by placing implants:

  • Filler injections. The chosen substance is introduced through small injections. It can be used Local anesthesia to minimize any inconvenience that may occur. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. The duration of the procedure ranges from a quarter of an hour to three quarters of an hour. The filling materials available are:
  • Artecoll. It is a long-lasting synthetic material. Being synthetic, it has more risks of producing allergies.
  • Autologous collagen. It is the injection of your own collagen extracted from another place in the body. Being its own, it does not produce allergic reactions. The duration of the effect is shorter than with other materials, and is indicated for patients who do not seek permanent results.
  • Collagen of bovine origin. A prior allergy test is required. The duration of the effect ranges from four weeks to three months.
  • Dermalogen. It is human collagen obtained from donors deceased. Does not cause allergies.
  • Fascia. It is human connective tissue extracted from the body itself or from a deceased donor. It can be surgically implanted or injected. It is reabsorbed approximately one year after the injection.
  • Own fat. Extracted from the abdomen or thighs. It can be injected or surgically implanted. Permanent results can be obtained.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Does not cause allergies. Its results are not permanent. There are numerous compounds of hyaluronic acidsome more suitable than others for lip filler due to their durability and density characteristics.
  • Restylane. It is a hyaluronic acid gel with different degrees of cohesiveness. Its results last about six months.
  • Lip implants. Surgical lip augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. Its duration can reach two hours depending on the complexity of the case. The materials used are:
  1. Alloderm. It is a sheet of human collagen from deceased donors. It is inserted through small incisions from the inside of the lip. Its duration is one year.
  2. Own fat graft. It can offer permanent results, with great variations between people.
  3. Avoid synthetic materials that offer permanent results. There is a risk of allergies.
  4. Local grafts. They use tissue and skin from inside the mouth. It is more aggressive than the rest of the procedures.
  5. Silicone elastomer prostheses.

When can you return to normal life?

If the lip augmentation has been performed with injections, the recovery is immediate, although the inflammation It can last a few days. In case you have chosen implants or by grafts, recovery can take up to two weeks. It is advisable not to do physical exercise for a few days after the injections or for a few weeks after the implants. Heat should also be avoided in the area during the days immediately following.

Risks of lip augmentation

The risks of these types of procedures are:

  • Allergic reactions to implants.
  • Bleeding.
  • Hardening of the implant, requiring its removal.
  • Infections.
  • Affectation of the nerves of the lips.

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