North West, Penelope Disick & Friends Go As Cheetah Girls on Halloween

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These two aren't just family, they're also cheetah friends, friends for life.

The Kardashians have already had a slew of epic costumes this year, and now North West and Penelope Disick have officially strutted into place as Queens of Halloween with their newest group costume.

kim kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian's daughters and their friends dressed as the Cheetah Girls from the early aughts eponymous film series, and they looked at the spitting image of the original actors in matching velor track suits. North was dressed as Raven-Symoné's Galleria in bright pink and cheetah print while Penelope dressed as Sabrina Bryan's Dorinda. Two of their friends filled out the cheetah ranks as Chanel and Aqua, while a third acted as paparazzi in a purple track suit, jumping in and taking pictures of the Cheetah Girls in the multiple videos posted to North's joint TikTok account with mom Kim.

The mother-daughter duo also totally rocked their joint costume, dressing as BFFs Chanel and Dionne from the 1995 film Clueless on Oct. 31. Both dressed head to toe in custom Dolce&Gabbanna, Kim went as Cher in a perfect replication of Alicia Silverstone's iconic yellow blazer and skirt set, while North killed as Dionne, complete with her unforgettable wide brimmed, rose-and-bow-bedecked hat.

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