North Korea launches unidentified missile | News


North Korea launched a new, unidentified projectile into the Sea of ​​Japan on Friday, according to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.


New hypersonic missile test confirmed in North Korea

The South Korean army reported that they are analyzing the range and altitude of the projectile, which according to preliminary reports appears to be a ballistic missile.

This would be the third missile test by North Korea in the last ten days.

For its part, the Japanese Coast Guard confirmed that it had detected the launch from Pyongyang of what appears to be one or more ballistic missiles at 2:55 p.m. (local time).

South Korea’s Yonhap agency notes that North Korea’s new launch comes three days after Pyongyang announced that it had successfully tested a “hypersonic” missile, which flew 1,000 kilometers and reached its target.

On January 5, the North Korean authorities reported the test of a “hypersonic” missile, which “made a lateral movement of 120 kilometers.”

Following the January 11 trial, the United States imposed sanctions on five people linked to North Korea’s ballistic weapons program.

Faced with a series of tests by North Korea, the US on Thursday proposed new sanctions at the UN against the Asian country.

In response, a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman warned on Friday that Pyongyang will have to react “with more force and security” to Washington’s measures.

“If the United States adopts that confrontational stance, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will be forced to react more forcefully and accurately,” he said.

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