North Korea launches new ballistic missile | News


North Korea launched another projectile into the Sea of ​​Japan on Tuesday, the South Korean military reported, just six days after testing what Pyongyang described as a new hypersonic missile.


North Korea reported likely to launch ballistic missile

This new projectile flew at a maximum speed of Mach 10, the army said, signaling an “improvement” compared to what it claimed to be a test launch of a hypersonic missile six days ago.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said the North fired the missile from its northern province of Jagang, towards the East Sea, and flew more than 700 kilometers at a maximum altitude of 60 kilometers and a maximum speed of Mach 10 (ten times faster than speed of sound).

On the other hand, on its website, the Japanese Coast Guard considered that “potentially” it would be a ballistic missile and that “probably” it has already fallen into the water -without specifying where-, although at the same time it recommended precaution to all boats in the area.

Today’s is North Korea’s second test launch this year, coming ten days after leader Kim Jong-un delivered a speech underscoring the need to strengthen the country’s defenses.

China urges caution after North Korean missile test

China urges all parties not to jump to conclusions and to be cautious in their statements and actions following the launch of a missile by North Korea, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

“We have taken note of the launch in question, the characteristics of the projectile need to be further studied and evaluated, the parties should not be too quick to draw conclusions and overreact,” Wang said.

Beijing Beijing hopes that “all parties involved will exercise caution in their statements and actions and ensure peace and stability on the Korean peninsula through joint efforts,” he added.

The spokesperson stressed that China has always advocated that the UN Security Council should play a positive and constructive role in resolving the situation on the Korean peninsula and that any action taken should help maintain peace and stability and promote the resumption of dialogue between the parties.

The United Nations Security Council condemned the launch of a ballistic missile by North Korea on January 5 into the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan, known in Korea as the East Sea, and has asked Pyongyang to refrain from carry out “destabilizing” actions.

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