North Korea confirms that it tested two types of missiles this week | News

The North Korean government confirmed on Friday that it has tested two surface-to-surface tactical missiles as part of an intense series of launches so far in 2022.


North Korea stresses defensive nature of missile test

Pyongyang has deployed six tests during the month of January, including launches of hypersonic missiles, in line with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s plan to strengthen its weapons program to face pressure from the US and its allies in the region in Southeast Asia.

According to the official North Korean agency KCNA, long-range cruise missiles were tested last Tuesday that hit a target 1,800 km away in the Sea of ​​Japan.

The next test was carried out on Thursday with the launch of two short-range ballistic missiles, which traveled 190 kilometers with a maximum height of 20 km.

The launches “obtained a high precision”, according to the KCNA, which highlights that these weapons systems “will play an important role” in the defense of the country.