Normal arrives in Spain to compete with Primor: this is the cheap Danish store of beauty and personal care products

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Primor Perfumeries.

Normal, the discount store chain that is successful in northern Europe, begins to develop its expansion plan in Spain. The company has already revealed what its first openings in the country will be, and among them are its first stores in Madrid and Barcelona. The company will open, for now, in shopping centers to later reach the main 'prime' streets throughout the country.

Thus, the chain, which is characterized by offering well-known brand products within categories such as personal care, beauty, cleaning and food at low and fixed prices, will open its first store Barcelona at the mall The engineerowned by Westfield, as well as another in Mataró (province of Barcelona) in the shopping center Mataró Park, as explained by Idealista. For Madridthe company has chosen the shopping centers Prince Pio, Islazul and The Gavia. In addition, the company will open other stores in Torrejón de Ardoz and Guadalajara.

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Normal was born in Denmark in 2013 and has since opened more than 300 stores in five countries: Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, France and Finland. Now it wants to expand in the Spanish market, where it will compete with other perfumery and drugstore chains such as Primor and Druni. According to the company, its goal is to offer consumers a different shopping experience, where there is always something new to discover and explore.

Within Normal's product range are leading brands in categories such as skin care, oral care, shampoo, makeup and cleansing agents. According to its own website, all products are sold at fixed low prices, but the customer “will not find bargains or special offers” in its stores. The company is committed, and this is a key strategy in inflationary situations like the current one, to ensure that prices do not change when one visits the store again.

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