Norma Lizbeth's mother after hearing the judge's decision against Azahara Aylin

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After yesterday a judge in Zinacantepec, in the State of Mexico declared Azahara Aylin 'N' of the crime of qualified homicide against Norma Lizbeth, 14 years old, Her mother said “it is very sad to remember my daughter every time, but finally justice was done.”

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Mrs. Francisca, mother of Norma Lizbeth and who was attacked by Azahara Aylin, added that she will continue fighting for her, and denied that her daughter had died after falling from the stairs, as pointed out by the mother of the woman now found guilty.

As will be remembered, the young woman detained today hit Norma with a rock; the high school student died days later, allegedly due to blows to the head inflicted by her classmate during a fight near her high school.

LOOK: Norma Lizbeth would turn 15 in a month; She was bullied because of her skin color, her mother said.

It will be next Wednesday, November 8, when the sentence against Azahara Aylin will be determined, although there are sources that indicate that His sentence cannot be more than 3 years because he is a minor.

What they say on the networks

  • Great news. So that young people raise awareness and stop brooding about anything. And that their moms and dads are more responsible.
  • To correct it now in an exemplary manner. Or he will continue with a criminal career.
  • Every action has consequences! I hope it is reformed because they end up the same or worse!
  • And the accomplice mother?
  • What a page as an adult
  • They should give her a verdict as an adult and not let her leave at 18
  • I wanted to fight as an adult now that I am punished as an adult, well deserved that I last a long time with the rats

The case that shook society

On February 21, 2023, Norma Lizbeth was called to a challenge to fight her partner. Norma came, but to try to reconcile the matter and not end up beaten, but the other minor began to attack her, took a stone and hit her repeatedly on the head.

After the fight, the two girls were suspended from the campus for a month. Norma was treated by paramedics on the day of the beatings, but they found nothing more than a broken nose.

Days after being suspended at home, Norma Lizbeth began to have severe discomfort, including nausea and fainting.

Her family took her to the Teotihuacán Health Center, Norma Lizbeth's health worsened and she finally died, the diagnosis indicating that it was due to head trauma.


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