Noelia talks about the abuse she experienced from her stepfather and mentions Ricardo Montaner

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Singer Noelia She spoke on the program "El Minuto que Cambió mi Destino" with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante about a difficult chapter from her past, when she was abused by Carlos "Topy" Mameryhis manager, but also his stepfather.

It was with a question to the Puerto Rican how I address the issue that I had made public for a long time and that at the time, my family did not believe it and also the revictimizedLikewise, Noelia spoke of another famous who allegedly had knowledge of the facts and did not do anything about it.

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VIDEO: Noelia talks about the abuse she experienced from her stepfather

The journalist of showsGustavo Adolfo Infante interviewed the interpreter of "You" who be sincere and addressed the topic directly, asking her if Carlos "Topy" Mamery raped her, although without going into details due to how strong that stage was in her life.

Yes, he did it like that in a billion ways, you were the first to know and support me."

Later, the singer mentioned that the most critical situation happened in Mexico and that was when he talked about the singer, Ricardo Montaner and what is related to is what happened a long time ago.

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"He forces me to dress in a certain way to a concert by Mr. Ricardo Montaner, who is another demon of the clan."

And according to Noelia, the singer-songwriter "was witness of many things and did nothing, the only thing Yes, I thank you because you told Jorge the truth. (Reynoso), told him everything and Thanks to that, he knew it very early too. and that helped me a lot" he clarified without giving more details about it.

Noelia talks about her financial shortcomings

During the talk, the singer mentioned that after being raped she was in a difficult stage economically despite having international success, because with tears in his eyes he admitted that I needed moneyHowever, it was always considered a working person.

I used my work to channel all that (nerves) and be much stronger, because you can't notice your nerves on stage."


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