Nodal answers Espinoza Paz for defending J Balvin: “Don’t be a malinchista”


The controversy between Christian Nodal and J Balvin is at its peak, with other celebrities entering the fight, either to mock or defend someone involved, as he did Espinoza Paz.

Through an Instagram story, the singer from Sinaloa shared a message which, despite not mentioning any names, seems to be addressed to Christian Nodal.

“They will tell you that others have more ‘talent’ than you. But Remember that discipline sooner or later defeats talent. If you see that someone is fulfilled and achieves their dreams, but what they do is not to your liking, at least have the courage to respect their discipline. That in the end that is also a talent,” Espinoza wrote.

Many Internet users and Nodal himself branded the Sinaloan opportunist, showing his annoyance at defending the reggaeton player: “Tell Espinoza Paz not to be a malinchista, not because you live in Colombia you are not going to support your race, don’t be p * ndej * ”, said the singer in an interview.

Despite the above, Nodal acknowledged that the message about discipline was good, but he considers that he is doing it at the wrong time and to defend the wrong person.

“Everything Espinoza Paz said makes sense, but what doesn’t make sense is that he wants to defend others just because he lives in Colombia, or maybe he has projects with J Balvin. You have to be consistent with everything, because it’s a good message, but not when I’m in a battle with that p * ndej *, “said Nodal.

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