“Nobody brought me by the hair, because I don’t even have…”

Francisco Garfias.

The Morenos’ comb is out. The hidden motives that led them to approve, in both chambers, the decree on the interpretation of the Government Propaganda concept, knowing that it violates the Constitution.

It is a three-cushion carom. Not only do they comply with the president – ​​who bets on this exercise to strengthen his weakened image –, at the same time they invalidate the electoral ban, in the face of the Consultation on Revocation of Mandate.

The most truculent thing is that it has retroactive effects that will influence the judges.

Let me explain: At this time there are 96 sanctioning procedures, some already concluded, where it is shown that they violated the Law.

The decree comes to protect all those who are involved in sanctioning procedures, be they governors, legislators, or the Head of Government herself.

Parliamentary sources assure that Claudia Sheinbaum has four procedures.

An internal document of the Senate, in the possession of the reporter, recalls that Article 14 of the Constitution establishes that no Law shall be given retroactive effect.

But the mentioned article grants a right to the individual, consisting of a Law being applied retroactively, when it is to his benefit. It is known as benign retroactivity or for the benefit of the governed.

Apply with the decree.

The violation of the maximum Law is in the fact that it was approved by the Senate only yesterday, March 17.

Article 105 of the Constitution says that Federal and local electoral laws must be enacted and published at least ninety days before the beginning of the electoral process in which they are going to be applied, and during the same there can be no fundamental legal modifications.

There are 24 days left until the appointment at the polls. Draw conclusions.

We know that several senators from Morena, the least, did express their feeling that the decree violates the Constitution. They assure us that they made it known, in a document, to the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández. They did not dare to express that feeling on the electronic board.


The debate on the decree was tense and, at times, even funny.

We witnessed the shake that the PAN member Lilly Téllez put on the morenista Olga Sánchez Cordero, for her maneuvers in leading the debate on the decree: tolerance in time for the sour cherries. Zero flexibility with the opposition.

“You, Madam President, are already more disheveled than when you were in Court, alluding to the language used by Senator Malú Micher, that they were going to bring the senators to the mat (to complete the Quorum),” he said. Lilly.

And she got rude: “now I understand why it’s pluri. You are a cheat, Madam President.”

There was no answer.

Téllez called the senators from Morena that Micher “brought from his hair”, the day before, when the deadline was not reached quorum: Juan Quiñones, Nestora Salgado, Eva Galaz, Rosa Elena Jiménez, Miguel Ángel Angulo.

Two of them reacted to the panista. Lucero was the first: “nobody brought me by the hair, because I don’t even have…”

Then Eva Galaz: “I left due to health problems. I came back because I have the responsibility of my senatorship, not because they dragged me out of the hair. I’m not a spoiled two-year-old.”

In the end came the vote: 67 Morenos and allies in favor, 34 from the opposition against. There were no abstentions.


With that moral authority that gives him the honorable title of “The Lord of the Leagues”, René Bejarano says that he will internally fight Senator Ricardo Monreal, for having supported Sandra Cuevas, the suspended mayor of Cuauhtémoc.

He still can’t digest that he defeated his wife Dolores Padierna last June.

Monreal’s response was brief but forceful, and very much in the style of peje: “That the corrupt and the violators of human rights ask for my separation from the party, it is a stamp of pride”.


The Preliminary Examination Subcommittee was installed yesterday in San Lázaro, which analyzes, among 16 other cases, the origin of impeachment against the “uncomfortable” electoral advisers for Morena Lorenzo Córdova and Ciro Murayama.

The morenistas assume that, in this way, they will be removed from the INE. Slowly I’m going fast: in the Chamber of Deputies a simple majority is enough, but in the Senate they need a qualified majority that they don’t have.

Opposition senators are not going to let it pass. “Over our corpse they are going to finish off the INE!” PAN member Damián Zepeda said on the platform.

He added: “I tell you that clearly: You will never have the votes you need to destroy the electoral body. You need the two thirds that you don’t have. Didn’t our votes count? Keep dreaming, we will take care of waking you up.”


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