Nobel Peace Prize winner Narges Mohammadi begins a hunger strike in prison

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The 2023 Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Iranian activist Narges Mohammadibegan a hunger strike in prison to protest against the lack of medical care for prisoners and the mandatory veil for women, her family announced this Monday.

Narges Mohammadi informed his family that he started a hunger strike several hours ago. We are concerned about his condition and his health," her family said in a statement.

Mohammadi51, has been detained since 2021 in the Evin prison in Tehran, although this activist against the death penalty and for women's rights was previously detained and sentenced on several occasions.

On Thursday, his family already reported that the prison authorities refused to transfer him to the hospital to the journalist, whose health is fragile, for not wanting to cover her head with a veil.

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His relatives warned that, according to an electrocardiogram performed in prison, he needed urgent hospitalization.

"The Islamic Republic is responsible for everything that may happen to our beloved Narges," the statement said.

TO Mohammadi She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October "for her fight against the oppression of women in Iran."

He Nobel Committee and the organization that defends freedom of expression Pen International expressed their concern on Monday about the state of the winner's health.

The obligation for detainees to wear a veil to be hospitalized is inhumane and morally unacceptable," declared the president of the Committee, Berit Reiss-Andersen.

He Nobel It was awarded following a protest movement in Iran over the death in police custody a year ago of Mahsa Amini, detained for allegedly violating the country's strict dress code for women.

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