"No one has come to help us here. All the injured ended up dying"

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Too late for Anerni. Isolated villages across the Moroccan Atlas begin to receive some help today, 72 hours after the earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday. For the elderly Brike, who walks unsteadily over what was his house, now reduced to a mountain of rubble, it is too late.

“No one has come to help us here. On Saturday we found survivors, but since no ambulance came, all the injured ended up dying.” Brike uses a cane to walk across the stones and her daughters Ftoma and Jamila recover what they can from the destruction: teapots, clothes, glasses and a painting. Ftoma sits next to her belongings and cries with her hands covering her face.

The delay of the authorities in acting is compounded by the difficulties of access in a remote place: several rocks cut the only one that connects this small village with Amizmiz and there are several cars with help (water, food, blankets) waiting for the path. The only way to access Anerni, like dozens of other affected villages, is to walk to them.

To Mohamed Ait Hamed it seems like an excuse. “Of course it is difficult to get here with the road blocked, but only one person came the first day to ask the death toll and then no one came back. Lives could have been saved."

A military camp was set up in Amizmiz yesterday and several foreign rescue units arrived, including Spanish firefighters and members of the UME of the Spanish army. Among them, there is little hope of finding anyone alive: "most demolished houses - explained a Spanish firefighter yesterday - are made of stone and one floor, which makes it more difficult for holes or air pockets to be created where the victims can resist".

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