"No matter who comes, they are horrible": Argentine fans support Gerardo Martino and minimize the level of Mexico

El Tri is coming off a painful defeat against Colombia.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

Gerardo Martino's process at the helm of the Mexican National Team continues to falter. The last loss of El Tri against Colombia sparked the indignation of some Mexican fans who they ask for the departure of the Argentine strategist. However, there are still those who support the work of "Tata" and defend Martino for his “little” talent at your disposal.

Gerardo Martino arrived at the Mexican National Team in January 2019. The Argentine strategist was hired with a large sign on his back: Libertad, Cerró Porteño, Colón, Newell's, FC Barcelona and the Paraguayan and Argentine national teams were part of his career.

With such an extensive and successful resume, the arrival of "Tata" generated great expectations in Mexican soccer. But with the passing of the years, punctually at the end of 2021 and so far in 2022the Argentine strategist has not convinced with his style of play and He has lost important games.

In Argentina they support “Tata”

Concerns are the order of the day in the absence of less than two months for the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. However, far from the criticism that rains down on Mexico, some Twitter users support Gerardo Martino by insinuating that the blame for El Tri's poor results lies with the players and that "Tata" cannot do much more with the quality of players he has.

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