Niurka says that Juan Vida broke his promises in Santeria and will have to pay: “It is serious in our religion”

Niurka says that Juan Vidal is in trouble with his religion.

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Niurka Marcos He continues to give people something to talk about after terminating his sentimental relationship with John Vidal and true to his style, once again he lashed out at his ex, assuring that he is in serious trouble within his religion for which he could pay serious consequences.

As is customary for the Cuban star, in each meeting she has with representatives of the media, she was questioned about various topics, including the alleged “witchcraft” work that they do to celebrities, one of the most recent being the one that Aleska Genesis would have done to attract the love of Nicky Jam, so Niurka did not hesitate to ensure that “witchcraft exists” and it has become fashionable and they have even labeled her a witch.

But it was at that moment that he decided to talk about the religious situation of Juan Vidal, whom he pointed out for having abandoned all the promises he made in Mexico, which could get him into trouble.

“It is one of the things that will affect Juan Vidal because I am going to tell you something, Juan Vidal received a Saint, he has the Saints abandoned here in Mexico and he lives walking around the world. He has broken all his prohibitions and has kicked all the blessings he asked for,” he recounted.

The “scandal woman” explained that from the moment their courtship began they were also religiously linked, so “the consultations and records were made together”, a situation that brought them even closer together and corresponds to both.

But when she was asked if she would dare to put the Dominican actor “in the cauldron”, she assured that it is not necessary, because “he is usually upside down“.

“Breaking a ban is serious in our religion.”

Niurka Marcos

But not only that, but once again attacked against Juan Vidal assuring that he has too many gray hairs that could reveal his true age, but it is due to his narcissism that he prefers to take years off of him.

“The horrible hairstyle that he was doing as a narcissist posing as a ruco kid, you are very old and have many wrinkles. If Juan left his original gray hair next to me, he would look older than me because He has fifty million gray hairs, but he wants to look like he’s still 30“he added.

In addition to confessing that it was she who tortured him via text messages until he blocked her, she denied that there is the possibility of joining forces with Cynthia KlitboWell, she doesn’t need anyone to defend her.

“I do not have to unite with anyone and even less with her who has been so unstable and so bipolar. When I was with Juan I was on fire and hystericalwhen I finished with Juan: ‘I want to be your little friend’”.

And he did not hesitate to send a message to the soap opera villain:

You cannot sympathize with me, Cynthia, because I treated Juan very differently than you.“, he pointed out before the camera of Berenice Ortiz.

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