Niurka attacks Paty Navidad again: "She is very abandoned" | VIDEO

Niurka Every time he sees cameras in sight, he takes advantage of the moment to make controversy. And this time was no exception, as he once again criticized Patty Christmas, after the Mexican criticized her body. Situation that led to multiple attacks by the Cuban towards the contestant of the house of celebrities.

As if that were not enough, the vedette also sent a message to Laura Bozzo, who a few days ago came out in defense of the celebrity.

The actress also met some reporters at the Mexico City Airport, for which she was questioned about her recent statements against Paty Navidad.

Of which he said "he has an ugly body" because he gained a few kilos of weight. Niurka Marcos supported her comments towards the actresswhich is now on the Telemundo reality show, as he indicated that it is not an offense because "it is true."

“The truth is not an offense, it is the truth. Right now it is neglected. To those who like it well and to those who don't, go very far along with whoever criticizes me. She is very abandoned and I am going to keep repeating it as long as they keep asking me, because that is what my eyes see ”


The ex-wife of Juan Osorio stood out, who defended herself against the comments against her for criticizing the villain of "La fea más bella", who received the support of the public because they came out to support her on social networks.

Niurka launches against Laura Bozzo

Laura Bozzo was one of the personalities who advocated for Paty Navidad, so now the dancer and actress has turned against her and assured that the Peruvian presenter spoke about it because "since she is so ugly, she can fight. In addition, he issued a warning to the talk show host, who said that he is only trying to get his attention..

“You are calling my attention my love, we are going to have dinner together and we will have some drinks. You're throwing choke kicks. They can't live without me. How they exist, they have to talk all the time about Mama Niu, my nickname on social networks.

The vedette pointed out, who revived the controversy she has with "Miss Laura", since for some years they have been involved in constant fights, which reached the second season of The House of Celebrities.

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