Nirvana? Buddhist monks test positive for methamphetamine

All the monks of a small Buddhist temple in Phetchabun, Thailand, They were fired after testing positive for drugs, local officials said.

Four monks, including the abbot, gave positive for methamphetamine.

The authorities said that for now, the small temple has been left empty as the monks were transferred to a health clinic to undergo drug rehab.

Boonlert Thintapthai told the AFP which detailed that its urine tests They were applied on Monday. However, he did not explain what made the authorities suspicious of the temple.

The raid comes amid a national campaign to fight drug trafficking.

“The nearby villagers are worried that they won’t be able to do any merit,” Thintapthai said.

Merit creation is a important buddhist practice in which the faithful obtain a protective force through good works, in this case, by giving food to the monks.

The authorities assured that they have already contacted the local monastic chief, who promised to assign new monks to the temple in Bung Sam Phan district in an attempt to address the concerns of the faithful.

In recent years, Thailand has become a major drug transit point in Southeast Asia.

Drugs flood the country from Myanmarthe world’s largest producer of methamphetamine, via Laos.

Last month, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha ordered a clampdown on drugs after a former police officer who had been fired from the force for methamphetamine possession killed 37 people during a shooting at a day care center.