Nintendo would be developing a console with two screens

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The patent shows a device similar to the Nintendo DS. (Unsplash)
The patent shows a device similar to the Nintendo DS. (Unsplash)

The desire to see a new console Nintendo is latent among the gamer community, so any clue that emerges will increase rumors about a large development that indicates the successor to the switch is near. And recently a patent was revealed that shows a new console concept that the Japanese company could be working on.

The image was leaked by Game Rant and shows a device with two screens with a design similar to the nintendo ds which came out several years ago, indicating that this console could be divided into two parts or have two ways of use.

The patent shows a device that resembles the classic nintendo ds, with an upper and lower screen. Although the console could be folded in half so that the screens face the outside.

Each half of the device can operate on its own and can communicate wirelessly, allowing two players to enjoy shared gaming experiences on a single device.

The patent shows a device similar to the Nintendo DS. (GameRant)
The patent shows a device similar to the Nintendo DS. (GameRant)

In addition to this, the leak indicates that when the device is closed, players can interact with it thanks to a touch screen on the outside. This suggests that carrying the device completely open is not practical or that other experiences closer to those developed on cell phones are created.

Although this patent may generate high expectations among players, it is important to remember that not all patents translate into real products. Companies often file patents as a means of protecting their ideas and concepts. Nintendo is known for having registered patents interesting in the past that never saw the light of day, making speculation even more uncertain.

The patent shows a device similar to the Nintendo DS. (GameRant)
The patent shows a device similar to the Nintendo DS. (GameRant)

Taking into account what is seen in the revealed patent, if its manufacture is completed, this would not be the successor to the current Nintendo console. The profile of the device is more focused on portable gaming and not desktop gaming, as is the case with the Switch, despite the fact that it has the possibility of having both functions.

The leaked device is closer to what was the nintendo ds and 3DSwhich was a 100% portable console that coexisted with the main hardware, but with exclusive games or specific adaptations, since among the images revealed it is not seen in the patent that there is a possibility of connecting it to a television or a dock to transmit the content beyond its two fixed screens.

This is one of the biggest mysteries in the video game industry today. Nintendo has waited for a long time to give clues about its next console and for now there is only one confirmed, but there is no known announcement or release date, although it is speculated that 2024 will be the year in which this whole panorama becomes clear.

For now, the Japanese company has only talked about one feature of its next device: the Nintendo Accounts. According to Doug Bowserthe president of Nintendo of America, these accounts will play a fundamental role in the new platform.

The patent shows a device similar to the Nintendo DS. (Unsplash)
The patent shows a device similar to the Nintendo DS. (Unsplash)

This suggests that the company is looking for a smoother and easier transition for players looking to upgrade to the new console. The ability to retain purchases and data through Accounts could be a crucial feature in the next generation of Nintendo consoles.

The rest of the technical details and its official name are unknown, although it is certain that the company is working on it and that the life of the Switch is coming to an end, since it was launched in 2017 and the cycles between generations usually occur. be six to seven years old.

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