Ninel Conde shows off her abdomen of steel at the end of her routines in the gym

Every morning Ninel Conde goes to the gym to perform strenuous exercise routines, and now he decided to please his fans by posting on instagram a video -recorded by herself- in which she appears showing off her steel abdomen. She began to sensually dance the theme "burn"of ryan castro and Featherweightand even wrote the message: "Obsessed with this song."

In another clip, the killer bonbon he was shown wearing yellow leggings and doing exercises to strengthen his chest, abdomen, and biceps. She does not hesitate to give tips to her followers to do the routine correctly: "The important thing is to do each exercise correctly with the right posture and a weight that challenges you... if you reach repetition 10 without any trouble, it means that you should increase a 20 percent charge; By the time you reach 10/12 repetition you should be close to muscular failure”.

Ninel counts the minutes to watch the tape "Barbie", and shared a video in which she applied a filter to resemble the famous doll. next to his post she wrote the message: “Happy day, my chocolates. Today I am in the mood of Barbie, and it is that when you propose it; You can be what one day you dreamed of being! 😜 Tell me, are you also waiting for this movie?

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