Ninel Conde exposes her most daring side on the beach while posing in a tiny blue bikini

Ninel Conde completely fell in love with about 5 and a half million followers that he has conquered on Instagram, with whom he shared a series of images in which he appears in the middle of the beach doing a hot photo sessionfor which she exposed various angles of her exuberant silhouette while wearing a tiny bikini.

The Mexican actress and singer who is known as "El Bombón Asesino" provoked all kinds of reactions after sharing a couple of photos and a video, but it was not just any kind of material, because in it she revealed her daring personality while modeling for the camera.

But what made this publication special was the tiny blue bikini with which she was captured, because in addition to exposing her voluptuous figure to the maximum, she also made some poses in which she wasted sensuality and beauty under the sun's rays.

“Love yourself more than ever, be happy with what you have until what you want and deserve arrives ”, was the advice with which he accompanied the publication that attracted thousands of glances.

A clear example that Ninel Conde knows how to wear all kinds of clothes is the video in which days before she revealed the demanding exercise routines she undergoes to show off a heart-stopping body, so, from the gym and with an outfit yellow sportswear, reappeared from the gym while doing some exercises with the help of weights.

It should be noted that the results of her rigorous training have also been exposed on the OnlyFans page, which she joined in February 2022 and since then she has given a lot to talk about, because as she assured, she was willing to show content from quality that his fans "have not seen anywhere else."

And a short preview was published in another short recording made in front of the sea, but this time while wearing a pink two-piece swimsuit.

"My beautiful chocolate, if you want to see the new content of this and other new sessions," wrote the famous 46-year-old to invite her fans.

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