Ninel Conde exclusively answers if she was angry when she lost in ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’

how do we tell you Ninel Conde won the fifth gala of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’ playing Bad Bunny. At the end, with her curves exposed again, We speak exclusively with the ‘Bombón Asesino’, who answers, for the first time, if he was angry when he lost playing Selena Quintanilla.

Let’s remember that at the third gala she got into the skin of her idol, Selena, but the judges: Angélica Vale, Charytín Goyco, Víctor Manuelle and Eden Muñoz, all four agreed to give it the lowest ratingand on the screen it was seen how he was with an angry attitude, writing on his cell phone and even taking photos of the table.

Ninel Conde is Selena Quintanilla. Photo: Televisa Univision

We talked exclusively about that, and about his wonderful creation of Bad Bunny, and he even told us that he went to see him in concert to get all the tips he needed to be the ‘Bad Rabbit’.

Ninel, what a great triumph with a character that was quite a challenge

Ninel Count: Totally, it was a surprise for me, a character that when I saw him I said: “Oh My Good, who can defend me?”… The truth is that when you have a challenge in front of you, it is when you get the most out of it, your resilience to say, I have to get it done, and that is when you put more effort into getting it out and Interestingly, one day before the gala, they invited me to see Bad Bunny live, and well I think it was too, everything happened in a harmonious way.

-How was it preparing this character for Bad Bunny, one of the most difficult to build in the season?

Ninel Count: It was with the help of the coaches and obviously studying it… I had already seen several times how it works to achieve certain nuances of other artists, something that I had never done or anything, I always say, I am not an imitator, I am performanceand so I lend what I know how to do, but here they have taught us certain things, certain details, that in the details the difference is made, although one would not believe, how they pronounce the vowels, like the accents, where they’re from, it’s a whole range of things that sometimes don’t even go through your head when you see an artist, but when you have to interpret it, yes you apply all thatand the coaches are wonderful, they help you, they tell you how to do it, where to place your voice, how to make your mouth and listening to it and studying it, seeing it in interviews… One finds out about the characters every week, seeing them not only in the video they give you, but also in other live concerts, interviews, you become an investigator of the character, which is crazy.

-What was the biggest challenge in creating Bad Bunny?

Ninel Count: The bodily expression of man, such as movements, walking, dancing as a man, and the voice obviously, his voice that is very goofy, very characteristicand that with a woman’s voice timbre you can give a man’s voice color, and more like the color of Bad Bunny that is so well known throughout the world.

Ninel Conde is Bad Bunny
Ninel Conde is Bad Bunny. Photo: Televisa Univision

-What did you feel when you saw that you were the winner?

Ninel Count: A lot of emotion because in fact the points also came from my colleagues, that was a very human hug to my heart, after weeks, we are all super married because this is demanding and emotionally exhausting, then it was a very nice hug from them, from, especially from God who entrusted me to him every day. Apart from this beautiful project I have many activities, as a singer, like personal things, trips, I have things in Mexico, and suddenly I have to travel during the week and I return on the early morning flights and it’s very tired, so all the emotions are running high.

What did you learn from your time at ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’?

Ninel Conde: To imitate artists (laughs) point number 1, and 2 that I think challenges push you to get the best out of yourselfthat you should not trust yourself, you should not fall into a comfort zone because you can always learn and grow, and we do not stop learning in this race, I think that the tables that the stage gives you, In my case, I have 24 years of career, you do not stop learning but you can continue using these tools in each project as I bring them to this projectbut I keep learning and preparing myself for new things.

-In the first ones it seemed that you couldn’t find what ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ was, even at a gala we saw you angry when you did Selena, and you took out the phone, what was the matter with you?

Ninel Count: Well that it is a perception perhaps yours or someone else’s, because pulling out a phone does not mean that one is angryAs I repeat, as a person, as a woman, as a mother, as a professional, I have many things on my mind and I get a lot of messages, I get a lot of emails, and they are things that one can do at any time or at any break, because those screenshots are from breaksyou have to take care of your things, and it’s not always what happens around you, so don’t make up their stories or make them up if you want, if you sell them, but at the end of the day, as I repeat, I have a lot of things and obviously there are good days and there are very good days and there are not so good days, certain things happen to us in life, like you, like me, like her, like him, things happen to us and we are human and we would do wrong if we didn’t feel.

“But were you angry or not?”

Ninel Count: I don’t know what moment you’re talking about.

-I mean after the judges gave you the 3, the lowest score when you did Selana.

Ninel Conde:Oh please! I’m going to get mad, imagine, don’t imagine, I would be angry if my check did not arrive, but I am happy, working, billing and having fungrowing and learning.

-What do you take from the show?

Ninel Count: What do I take? Lots of learning, new friends and a great story to tell my family and my grandchildren.

-The final gala arrives, do you feel that you are a winner?

Ninel Count: Totally winning as always.