Ninel Conde boasts a steel abdomen at 46 years old with a red mini bikini from the beaches of Mykonos

Ninel Count follow wasting beauty and sensuality from the beaches of Mykonoswhere he once again posed in front of the sea with a tiny bikini that exposed her shapely silhouette to the maximum and that he confirmed has a spectacular body.

In order to celebrate his 46th birthday in a big way, "El Bombón Asesino" took a few well-deserved days off in Europe, from where he has shared a series of revealing images in which he has been seen as a true Greek Goddess, and it is that one of the destinations he chose to spend this special date was Mykonos, an island located in Greece.

On this occasion, the interpreter honored her most recent musical release called "Life is to enjoy it", so regardless of her legal problems over the custody of her son Emannuel, she decided to enjoy the festivities to the fullest. another year of life.

Shining under the rays of the sun sexy red bikini with delicate white detailsthe also actress showed the sculptural silhouette that she has and that confirms that she is one of the Mexican celebrities who knows how to wear practically all kinds of clothes, but especially those with very little fabric.

We enjoyed Mykonos so much“, was the short phrase with which he accompanied the series of postcards that was qualified with thousands of heart-shaped reactions, in addition to a shower of compliments.

But that was not all, since prior to the celebration of her birthday, the artist originally from the State of Mexico also posed in front of the Mediterranean Sea, but on that occasion she caused a tremendous stir by showing a seductive angle with which her exuberant rear guard monopolized all the looks.

And it is that, wearing a green bikini, Larry Ramos's ex showed how much she is enjoying this experience and incidentally warned that "The best is yet to come!“.

While, with another series of snapshots captured from Italy and in which she wore a revealing white outfit, Ninel Conde confessed that this country is one of her favorites, where she enjoys culture, food and of course its people.

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