Nine deaths from meningitis reported in Durango Mexico News

Nine deaths from meningitis reported in Durango, Mexico | News

The Ministry of Health of the Mexican state of Durango reported nine deaths and 58 confirmed cases of aseptic meningitis on Monday.


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The General Director of Epidemiology in the state of Durango, Gabriel García Rodríguez, said that the behavior of the disease is analyzed to determine its causative agent.

“We are working with all our strength and human capital to combat it effectively,” he assured in statements to local media.

The health official said that this is an unprecedented situation in the world and recognized the work of the Government in collaboration with international experts, who review the health emergency protocols.

In this sense, he indicated that work is being done in coordination with the Inter-institutional Command of the Health Sector, and members of the State Cabinet in the search for effective treatments.

García Rodríguez stressed that there is a consensus on the way in which the disease is currently combated, which has the support of the national institutes to put an end to the health emergency.

In the same way, the Secretary of Health, Irasema Kondo Padilla, recognized the effort that has been made in these three weeks, to establish an ideal treatment.

Aseptic meningitis is characterized by inflammation of the lining of the brain, known as the meninges. Its duration usually lasts from seven to ten days.