Nicolás Larcamón accepts that he must change his behavior

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He León coach, Nicolás Larcamónsaw this weekend red card againin addition to receiving a two-match ban for using "offensive oral and body language"hence He will not be able to be on the bench in the duels against Santos and Toluca. In this situation, the coach gave his point of view, pointing out that it is an aspect to improve and little else he decided to give his opinionemphasizing being prohibited from talking about arbitrationto avoid further sanctions or fines.

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In a process that has not yet ended the year and I have already had three expulsions, an atypical average for Azteca, but then there are two expulsions where this weekend if I tell you the internals of the situation, the fourth referee tells me that they are going to come to warn and suddenly they give me a red card. Situations that clearly suggest that I improve immediately, self-criticism that I have to do," the strategist mentioned.

Nicolás Lacarmón denied that there was a hunt against him by the referees, mentioning that He is a coach who is clear that referee errors are part of the game and accepts them.

I am interested in clarifying that a few days ago where some errors had occurred that gave rise to some controversy, I was emphatic that I understood that errors were part of the game. Just as it is now blamed on me, it is worth clarifying that very recently I was emphatic that I was not questioning and in this case I have another opinion, but I reserve it to avoid sanctions and fines, but I do not consider that there is a hunt," he concluded.


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