Nicky Jam at the San Marcos Stadium: date and ticket price for Reggaetón Festival 4

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Nicky Jam returns to Lima and will be part of the festival.

After confirming the reopening of the San Marcos Stadiumthe producers of 'Reggaetón Festival 4: Halloween Edition' announced to Nicky Jam as the artist who will headline the event, which will be held in October.

Music is heard loudly in our country and all generations prepare to sing out loud with great reggaeton stars at the biggest Halloween party of the year. The billboard is completed by Zion and Lennox, De La Ghetto, Tito el Bambino, Rkm and Ken-Y, Ivy Queen, Consculluela, Maldy and Baby Ranks, La Charanga Habanera, Los 4 de Cuba, and more.

Recognized in the world as one of the pioneers in the reggaeton genre, the artist has not arrived in our country for five years, which makes him very happy.

“I arrive in Peru with all the desire that this country has, with good music with my colleagues on stage to make history,” said the artist.

Nicky Jam will be part of the 'Reggaetón Festival 4: Halloween Edition', which will take place on October 31 at the San Marcos Stadium.

The show will have two stages at the San Marcos Stadium, perhaps one of the most important venues in terms of shows today. A stellar audience and another 360°, not to mention an impressive set of lights and sound.

Ticket prices for the Reggaeton Festival. Teleticket
Ticket prices for the Reggaeton Festival. Teleticket

Tickets will go on sale starting this Friday at Teleticket with a 50% discount with BBVA cards.

The festival will feature performances by Nicky Jam, Zion and Lennox, De La Ghetto, Tito el Bambino, Rkm and Ken-Y, Ivy Queen, Consculluela, Maldy and Baby Ranks, La Charanga Habanera, Los 4 de Cuba, and more.

35 thousand people will be able to enjoy the best DJs of the moment. DJ Rafi Mercenario, DJ Warner and DJ Peligro will play the most popular songs in a show that has generated the expectations of lovers of the genre.

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