Nicki Nicole's response that would prove that Featherweight has not yet asked her to be his girlfriend

Nicki Nicole's response that would prove that Featherweight has not
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Featherweight and Nicki Nicole They are the couple of the moment and this Thursday they went together to the Latin Grammy 2023 where they were seen very affectionate and happy sharing their first Red carpet together Seville, Spain.

Argentina was nominated in the categories Best Urban Music Album and Best Rap/Hip Hop SongMeanwhile he Mexican was looking to take home the awards for Best Regional Mexican Song and Song of the Yearalthough none wonthe couple looked happy during the event.

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VIDEO: Nicki Nicole reveals if she has already formalized with Featherweight

In social networks Videos circulate of their time on the red carpet, where both appear very affectionate and with less shyness to demonstrate their love in public, because they exchanged laughter, looks and kisses.

But it was Nicki's encounter with a microphone during the red carpet where she was asked more details about their relationship with the Mexican, first the interviewer asked him if he is "in love" to which the rapper responded with certain flirtation: "in that", then asked him if his relationship with Featherweight was already official:

Yes, obviously, I don't know, what do I know! I don't know, I don't want to compromise it, but yes, yes Hassan!"

He said the above as jokealthough he made it clear that There is still a lack of clarity about the terms of their relationshipin which they like to do "everything" as the singer revealed:

Eat here in Seville potato tortilla"

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VIDEO: this was the presentation of Peso Pluma at the Latin Grammy 2023

Among the most anticipated presentations of the night was "She dances Alone", the success of Featherweight with Armed Link which became a real hit of this 2023 and with which the singer of lying down became popular worldwide.

The Mexicans were very applauded by those present, among whom were Danna Paola, lasso, Rosalia, Christian Nodal, Karol G, Natalia Lafourcade, among many others. Likewise, this presentation denies the rumors of some fight between both singers after Peso Pluma sang alone when he came to the program "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon".


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