Nicaraguan CSE swears in deputies of the National Assembly | News

The president of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) of Nicaragua, Judge Brenda Rocha, swore in this Sunday the 91 deputies who will make up the National Assembly for the legislative period 2022-2026 in the Central American country.


International delegations will attend the swearing-in of the president. Ortega

During the day, the election of the deputy for the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), Gustavo Porras, to continue presiding over the legislative body stands out.

At the same time, the new deputies unanimously designated Arling Patricia Alonso G贸mez, a member of the FSLN, as the first vice president of Parliament, replacing Maritza Espinales.

In this sense, Judge Rocha recognized the broad popular participation in the democratic elections held on November 7, 2021, of a deep civic nature and democratic spirit, and adherence to the principles endorsed in the Constitution of the Republic; which ratified Daniel Ortega as president of that Central American nation, and Rosario Murillo as vice president.

Regarding the composition of the new directive of the Assembly, it was known that it will be made up of 46 deputies and 45 male counterparts, making Nicaragua the first nation in the region to have more than 50 percent of its female parliamentarians for the current cycle.

They detailed from the CSE that the FSLN will have 75 seats as a bench in Parliament; followed by the Liberal Constitutionalist Party with ten; the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance (ALN), and the Independent Liberal Party (PLI) with two; and one per capita for the political formation Alliance for the Republic (Apre), and the North Caribbean regional party, Yatama.

This Monday, January 10, the swearing-in ceremony for the new term of office of the reelected president, Daniel Ortega, leader of the FSLN, will take place.