Nicaragua pays tribute to General Augusto Sandino | News

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega led a tribute to General Augusto Sandino on Monday to commemorate the 88th anniversary of his assassination.


Most outstanding features of Sandino’s political and economic philosophy

During his speech, the head of state stressed that Sandino is “our general of free men,” and reiterated that his death occurred “fighting for peace” for the Central American nation.

“We tell our people that our commitment is with the ideals of our heroes, our martyrs,” the president emphasized.

In addition, he reiterated that “imperialism, capitalism has no soul, no feelings. It only has greed to generate capital at the cost of hunger and the suffering of millions of human beings on the planet, at the cost of invading, of brutal aggression.”

In this sense, he highlighted the struggles that countries such as Cuba and Venezuela are carrying out, which, together with Nicaragua and other nations, must deal with coercive measures and blockades imposed by the Government of the United States (USA).

“That they let us live in peace to continue developing all the works, programs and projects that are aimed at generating jobs, eradicating poverty, multiplying health services, education (…) so that we can live with greater tranquility, developing our creativity,” said Ortega.

Likewise, he reiterated that “we are not looking for confrontations with anyone. All our heroes, throughout history, faced those who came to invade us (…) after the Spanish, those who constantly invaded Nicaragua were the different governments of the US, interventionists and interventionists, who multiply violence and war in the world”.

Situation between Russia and Ukraine

On the other hand, the head of state spoke about the situation between Russia and Ukraine, recalling the decision of President Vladimir Putin, who recognized the independence of the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, after their respective leaders made the request.

“President Putin has taken a step today, where what he has done is recognize some republics that, since the 2014 coup, when the coup d’état took place, these republics that border Russia, did not recognize the coup governments and they established their governments in the fight, giving the battle”, he commented.

The president added that, “taking into account that the Russian populations that exist there in those provinces, the majority, what President Putin has done is recognize those governments (…) despite the aggressiveness of the Ukrainian army, they have not been able to defeat them, and logically this also brings military support so that these governments have security”.

Likewise, he reaffirmed that in the face of the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the use of Ukraine to provoke Russia, plus Kiev’s attempt to enter this entity, he explains Moscow’s reasons for acting in the way that he does, “he is defending himself.”

“This decision opens the possibility that this situation will not have a major outcome (…) It is a step that hopefully creates the conditions for an understanding, because what Russia asks for is security, and that security can be achieved even by starting of agreements that already existed and that the European (countries) and the US had been breaching, and have been encircling, threatening Russia”.