Nicaragua claims US historical debt before the UN | News

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The Government of Nicaragua sent this Tuesday to the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), António Guterres, a letter in which he reiterates the claim for the non-compliance of the United States (USA) with the sentence it received in the International Court of Justice for his wars against Nicaragua.


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Delivered by Foreign Minister Denis Moncada and signed by the president of the Central American country, Daniel Ortega, the letter recalls that "there is a historical debt with the Nicaraguan people, which 37 years later has not been paid by the United States."

The text clarifies that the sentence “is not an obligation pending to be established or subject to an advisory opinion from a judicial body. It is an obligation clearly established in a final judgment of the highest international judicial authority, the International Court of Justice”.

“The list of direct damages includes human damages, direct material damages, defense expenses, losses caused by the embargo. Also other damages such as social losses in education, health, work, social security, as well as potential losses for development and production," the document recalls.

It also explains that, although "the estimated value of the damages in March 1988" was estimated at 12,000 million dollars (USD), that "amount does not reflect the damages after that date, the consequences of which are currently verifiable."

In this regard, the letter exemplifies, "the country's social security system continues to pay pensions to the war injured and their relatives, including those who were part of the counterrevolutionary forces illegally financed by the United States, which never assumed the social cost of said illegalities”.

The text also condemns how "instead of receiving compensation as it morally and legally corresponds, Nicaragua continues to be the object of a new type of aggression", in reference to the "now euphemistically called sanctions" and how it was the victim of an attempted of a coup d'état.

On June 27, 1986, the International Court of Justice in The Hague sentenced the United States to indemnify Nicaragua for all the damages caused as a result of its military and paramilitary activities against the Central American nation.

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