NHRI of Chile will not file lawsuits over the 2019 protests | News


The National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) of Chile announced this Wednesday that, by decision of the majority of the members of its Council, it ruled out filing a criminal complaint for possible crimes against humanity during the protests of the social outbreak, which began in October 2019.


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In a statement, the entity stated that “the analysis of the information available to date does not allow the concurrence of an illicit of such characteristics, as provided by the Rome Statute and Chilean law itself.”

They added that “the information that is counted, collected and analyzed by the NHRI itself, is not conclude that there is sufficient evidence that have been instituted or encouraged an active state policy to generate large-scale damage in the population,” they said .

According to the statement, the INDH maintains its policy of criminal prosecution in the context of the social crisis, which “consists of judicially prosecuting the responsibility of State agents who violated human rights, and for which more than 3,000 petitions have been filed. criminal complaints”.

Based on the foregoing, he urged the Public Ministry and the courts of justice to investigate and punish those responsible for violating human rights.

At the beginning of May, the INDH itself unanimously agreed to file “a criminal complaint against those members of the High Command of Carabineros de Chile, who are responsible for having omitted concrete actions aimed at putting an end to serious human rights violations. committed during the social crisis.

Then, the INDH assured that “these omissions led to numerous complaints of eye injuries resulting from the use of the anti-riot shotgun and the gas-launching rifle, as well as repeated cases of forced stripping committed inside police stations, which constitute sexual violence. ”.

The decision announced this Wednesday by the INDH recalls that the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague also rejected the initiation of a preliminary investigation for crimes against humanity that occurred during the social outbreak.

In a December 2019 report, the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed that, up to that time, 26 deaths and hundreds of injuries had been registered in the framework of the popular revolt, as well as complaints of torture, mistreatment, sexual violence and arbitrary and massive arrests in the demonstrations, for which the Carabineros and the Armed Forces were held responsible.

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