NFL: Travis Kelce jersey sales soar 400% after Taylor Swift's visit to Chiefs

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T-shirt sales Travis Kelceone of the leaders of the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL, shot up 400% in the last two days, after the singer Taylor Swift went to Arrowhead Stadium to watch this Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears and fueled rumors about the alleged relationship with the two-time Super Bowl champion.

Taylor Swift with Donna Kelce.

Fanaticsthe official online sales platform for NFL products, reported that sales of Kelce's number 87 jerseys had an exponential increase and that this Monday his 'jersey' entered among the five best-selling jerseys of the day, according to data revealed by TMZ.

Previously, Kelce's jersey was outside the top ten best-selling jersey for the month of August, led by the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurtsaccording to official data from Fanatics.

In the last few hours, Kelce sold more t-shirts than his partner Patrick Mahomesconsidered by many to be the best quarterback in the world, heir to the legendary Tom Brady and MVP of the last Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes.

The American media had been speculating for weeks about the alleged new relationship between Kelce and Swift and the pop star's visit to Arrowhead had a particular stir.

Swift went to the stadium wearing a red Chiefs shirt and watched the game, won 41-10 by the locals against the Bears with a brilliant performance by Kelce, along with the player's mother, Donna Kelce.

At the moment, Swift and Kelce have not shared information about their possible relationship.

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