NFL: Tom Brady to return to New England with tribute

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The New England Patriots announced this Thursday that, in their game to start the season, with a rival yet to be defined, they will give a special tribute to former quarterback Tom Bradywith whom they won six championship rings over 20 seasons.

The 45-year-old veteran announced his final retirement from the NFL last February 1stthrough a video on his social networks where he thanked the fans after 23 seasons at the top of the league.

I'll go straight to the point. I retire. Forever. Last time it was a big topic, so this time I decided to just press record and let them know first. You only get a super emotional retirement speech once, and I used mine last year. Thank you very much to each of you for supporting me. My family, my friends, my teammates, my competitors. I can go on forever, there are many. Thanks for letting me live my absolute dream, I wouldn't change a thing. I love you all.

Exactly one year after his first retirement, the February 1, 2022Brady finally hung up the helmet having been crowned in seven editions of the Super Bowl (six with the Patriots), three-time league MVPleader in postseason and regular-season passing yards, and first place in all-time touchdown passes.

Now, Robert Kraftpresident of the Foxboro, New England-based team, announced the highly anticipated Brady's return to Gillette Stadium to receive a farewell to the stature of his legacy.

The greatest player in the history of the game played here in Foxboro, and I'm happy to report that I invited him back to be with us for the season opener and let the fans thank him for the great service he gave us over more than 20 years.

This event will mark his return after two years of absence from the stadium, being the last time in 2021when commanding his new team, the Tampa Buccaneers BayBrady visited the Patriots for a regular season game.

He Patriots schedulelike the rest of the teams, will be announced this Thursday night to find out at what time and against whom the tribute will be held.

Next we leave the possible rivals for the New England squad according to their opponents at home:

–Buffalo Bills
– Indianapolis Colts
–Los Angeles Charges
– Miami Dolphins
– New Orleans Saints
– New York Jets
– Philadelphia Eagles
– Washington Commanders

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