NFL: TJ Watt anticipates his return to the gridirons in Week 10 | Video

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T. J. Wattdefensive leader of the Pittsburgh Steelers Y Best Defensive Player of 2021announced that he is waiting back in action on sunday in the game against New Orleans Saints at 12:00 p.m.central Mexico time.

The veteran of six seasons in the NFL is in the reserve list from week 1 when he suffered a pectoral injury in game against Cincinnati Bengalsbut according to what he told local reporters, he plans to play on Sunday and without limitations on his playing time.

In an interview with Brian Batko of the Pittsburgh Gazette, Watt stated the next:

A lot of time has passed. I feel very very good about the week I've had.

The return of 'TJ' has been highly anticipated ever since the steelmakers they opened the internship window at the end of October. Although the head coach mike tomlin Watt's release from the disabled list has not been made official, The announcement is expected just hours before hosting Santos at Acrisure Stadium.

Get back the leader of the steel curtain It's a great motivator for a squad that has struggled to be forceful defensively. In the first week, with Watt at the helmpittsburgh marked seven quarterback sackswhile in the following seven games they scored only eight.

In points, steelmakers allow 24.6 per game and 395.1 total yards in 2022both the worst marks since Tomlin joined the team. Without 'TJ' on the grid, Pittsburgh has record of one win and ten losses.

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