NFL: This is the Super Bowl LVII ring that the Chiefs received | Video

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On Thursday night, four months after being crowned in the Super Bowl LVIIthe Kansas City Chiefs held the championship commemorative ceremony where players, coaches and staff received the third franchise championship ring.

Formed by 609 nine round diamonds,16 baguette diamonds, four marquise diamonds and 35 custom cut rubiesthe ring 16.10 carats is a nod to the storied legacy of the Kansas City, Missouri-based franchise.

At the top the legend "World Champions" encapsulates the team logo and three Lombardi trophies they have won in their historytwo of them in the last four years under the command of patrick mahomesMost Valuable Player of the 2022/23 season.

On one of the sides are the match date (12/2/23)he Player's namehis number and the championship pennants that rise above the stands of the arrowhead stadium. On the other side is a tribute to the fans, with the legend 'Chiefs Kingdom', that crowns the official logo of the 57th edition of the Super Bowl and his marker, which was 38-35 for the Chiefs.

At the bottom of the ring come the initials LHwhich honor lamar huntfounder of the team.

In addition, the cap and other parts of the jewelry piece are removable, allowing players to wear it as necklace and revealing even more details of this elaborate ring.

Removing the cover reveals a aerial representation of the stadium with the number of Lombardi trophies won by the player in the center. Surrounding is the phrase Arrowhead Stadium is my favorite place on Earth.“, Hunt said phrase.

Under the plaque the stadium, it is visible per year the number of player championships in addition to the logo of the 50th anniversary of Geha Field in the stadium.

Finally, inside the ring comes the player positionhis signature and the postseason game scores they won (27-20 against the Jaguars and 23-20 over the Cincinnati Bengals).

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