NFL: Tagovailoa’s concussion protocol to be reviewed after ‘miraculous’ comeback | Video

The NFL Players Association announced that it will start a research on concussion protocol management made by the miami dolphins after the impact on the head received by his quarterback Tua Tagovailoaduring Sunday’s game against Buffalo Bills.

Tagovailoa briefly dropped out of the division game in the first half for what the team billed as a ‘head injury’, after the supported Matt Milano push the quarterback and his head will bounce sharply on the grass.

When Tua, 24, got up, she showed clearly dazed and staggering, falling to the ground again. After being unable to walk without support, his classmates held him up to go reviewed by the franchise medical team and later brought to shock protocolmandatory action of the league after receiving a direct hit to the head.

Teddy Bridgewater would take the reins of the team in the last minutes of the first half and it was expected that he would remain minimal for the rest of the game, but after returning from the locker room to start the second period, Tagovailoa came out equipped and entered immediately to lead the offensive in a very controversial decision.

Mike McDaniel, Miami’s head coach, walked out to the postgame news conference where he was bombarded with questions about the QB’s status and the concussion protocol that was followed. About the injury, McDaniel commented that what happened it wasn’t a head injury but a lower back problem from the previous play.

He bent severely on the quarterback sneak from the previous play. […] when his head hit the ground we assumed that his exit would be related to this event but really his legs lost their strength because his lower back also lost it completely as he described (Tua).

Subsequently, Tagovailoawho went out to the field with a special bandage for his back, added the next:

My legs got entangled with someone else and trying to get them out I felt my back expand. She hurt. I got up and it was at that moment that I started to wobble […] I passed the concussion protocol that was put on me.

The league’s concussion protocol states that in the event a player sustains any motor instabilitylike Tagovailoa, cannot return to the match unless the team doctorin conjunction with the consultant not affiliated with the neurotrauma franchisedetermine that the instability it is not caused by neurological issues.

Despite the quarterback passed the testthe players’ union, league management or any player has the right to ask for a full investigation if it is believed that the protocol was not followed as established or if there was some mishandling by the teamfor which the Players Association has been able to ask for a thorough investigation.

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