NFL: Stop Bills at Dolphins in Week 4 | Results

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The Buffalo Billson the return of Damar Hamlin nine months after his cardiac arrest, they dominated the Miami Dolphins (48-20) and they inflicted the first defeat of the course on the Semanates 4 from the NFL.

The 34-31 overtime victory of the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Commanders and the hard setback 3-27 of the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Tennessee Titans They also marked the Sunday morning program.

After experiencing his worst night on the opening day against the New York Jets, the Bills and Josh Allen They reacted forcefully and added to the Dolphinsthe fittest team in the NFL, their third victory in four games.

Allen threw for 320 yards (21 of 25 passing), scored a touchdown and He connected three touchdown passes. Your connection with Stephen Diggs was extraordinary: three TD receptions and 120 yards traveled.

It was a great Sunday for the Bills, who celebrated the reincorporation of Hamlin, who suffered a heart failure on January 2 in the Week 17 game of the 2022 season in which the Bills faced the Bengals.

The incident occurred after Hamlin stopped a rival's attack and caused a commotion in the NFL and in the world of sports in general. The player vanished on the field and had to receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Hamlin was able to return to training during the preseason and He played three games, but this Sunday he was able to play his first official match since the incident.

After the Dolphins' defeat, only the Eagles and San Francisco 49ers remain undefeated.

The Eagles They won in extra time 34-31 against the Commanders in a more complicated match than expected for the runners-up. Jalen Hurts led his team by throwing for 319 yards and two 'TDs', no interceptions.

Much more complicated is the situation of the bengals, who only won one game out of four and fell 27-3 in the field of the Titans.

Joe Burrowwho has problems in a calf, It did not exceed 165 minutes, with 20 of 30 in passes, without touchdowns.

The only victory of the season for the Bengals, who lost the 2022 Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams, It came last week 19-16 against the Angelenos themselves.

These are the results of Week 4:
Thursday September 29
Packers 20-34 Lions
Sunday October 1
Jaguars 23-7 Falcons
Bills 48-20 Dolphins
Bears 28-31 Broncos
Browns 3-28 Ravens
Titans 27-23 Bengals
Colts 23-29 Rams (TE)
Saints 9-26 Buccaneers
Eagles 34-31 Commanders
Panthers 13-21 Vikings

Chargers vs. Raiders
Cowboys vs. Patriots
49ers vs. Cardinals
Jets vs. Chiefs
Monday October 2
Giants vs. Seahawks

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