NFL: Patrick Mahomes will be in the AFC Final, says Andy Reid | Video

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andy reid coach of the Kansas City Chiefsstated this Monday that the ankle sprain suffered by Patrick Mahomes'quarterback' of his team, will not prevent him from playing the American Conference Final (AFC) before the Cincinnati Bengals.

At a press conference, reid he claimed:

He (Mahomes) is a tough guy, the high ankle sprain isn't too bad, he's fine and he's going to play Sunday against the Bengals.

In last Saturday's divisional round game, in which the Chiefs beat the Jaguars 27-20 Mahomes left the game in the first half, after an action in which a Jacksonville defensive back fell on his right ankle.

Despite the pain, the quarterback returned in the second half with the bandaged ankle and although he did not have the mobility that characterizes him managed to lead the Chiefs to the AFC title matchup next Sunday against the Bengals.

This Monday the champion in the Super Bowl LIV underwent an MRI that revealed a high right ankle sprainthe coach reported.

The injury is not as bad as the one he suffered in 2019. Patrick is receiving treatment and will take it day by day, but like I said, he is a very tough guy.

reid referred to the sprain that Mahomes suffered in the Week 7 of the 2019 season, who left him out of action for three weeks.

Under the Patrick Mahomes leadershipKansas City has reached the AFC championship game in five consecutive seasons, including the one this year in which he will collide with cincinnati.

He lost the 2019 against the New England Patriots and that of 2022 against the bengals, his next opponent. He beat in 2020 the Tennessee Titans and in 2021 at Buffalo Bills.

In case the injury Mahomes Don't let him be against the Bengals, Chad Henne, Chiefs second quarterback, would be in charge of being at the controls.

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