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the nfl announced this Thursday that fined Daniel Snyder $60 millionformer owner of the Washington Commanders, after confirming a complaint for sexual harassment as well as the omission of revenue in ticket sales for more than a decade.

“Conduct based on investigative findings has no place in the NFL. We strive to have workplaces that are safe, respectful, and professional.The conduct presented was inappropriate and contrary to the values ​​of the NFL," said the commissioner of the league, Roger Goodell.

The investigation confirmed the complaints filed against Snyder by the former employee Tiffany Johnstonwho accused the manager of sexual harassment in 2008.

“Without the consent of Mrs. Johnston, he put his hand on his thigh under the table of a restaurante at a work related dinner.

"Then, Snyder pushed (Johnston) into the back seat of his car. in an effort because she would join him after dinner."reads a fragment of the 22 pages of the report released by the NFL.

It was also determined that the team, under the direction of Snyder, did not declare total income to avoid his obligation to share a part of the profit with visiting teams for almost 10 years.

The investigation was led by former federal prosecutor, Mary Jo White, and his colleagues in the office Debevoise & Plimpton.

“We appreciate the diligence, thoroughness and professionalism of the Mrs White and your team throughout this process. We pledged to share their findings publicly and that is what we are doing,” Goodell stressed.

These results were announced minutes before heThe owners of the other 31 NFL teams will approve the sale of the Washington Commanders to the group led by billionaire Josh Harris.of which the former NBA star is also a part, Earvin “Magic” Johnsonfor an amount record of 6,050 million dollars.

"Congratulations to Josh Harris and its impressive group of partners. Josh will be a great addition to the NFL. He has a remarkable record in business, sports and in his communities. The diverse group that he has assembled is outstanding for its business acumen and strong ties to Washington,” the league commissioner highlighted.

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