NFL: Kansas steals the AFC crown and will face Philadelphia in the Super Bowl | Video

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The Kansas City Chiefs are the new American Conference Champions after leaving the Cincinnati Bengals by marker 20-23and now they will have to beat the Philadelphia Eagles to get the precious vince lombardi trophy in it Super Bowl LVII.

The repetition of last season's final began charged in favor of the locals with good offensive series of patrick mahomeswho, although they were not crowned in the end zone, managed to score points on two occasions by way of Field goal with harrison butkermarking the advantage 0-6 in the first quarter.

Already in the second episode cincinnati had his best series to date, and the offense commanded by joe burrow he finally showed flashes of his attacking brilliance.

The young quarterback passed for 64 yards on a nearly seven-minute drive, but after failing to convert on third they settled for a Evan McPherson field goal.

However, immediately on the next possession the party saw its first score of sixafter two passes to Marquez Valdes-Scantlingfrom 11 and 29 yards, will leave Kansas in the red zone. From there Mahomes could find his tight end travis kelce and increased the lead to 3-13.

Burrow He tried to return the favor, but on the contrary he returned possession to the locals, since in a bad pass, Jaylen Watson stole the ovoid when it looked like Cincinnati was finally finding a rhythm. The defense complied and prevented the error from being reflected on the board.

before half time McPherson connected again with three by the visitors and sent the game at halftime 6-13.

It was in the third episode that the cats finally began to put pressure on what until now had been the domain of the Bossesand after an exemplary series, Burrow could find in a long trajectory to tee higginsthat with authority he kept the ball and tied the game at thirteen.

Kansas City he did his part too answeredafter five minutes and going 77 yards, with his own score on a long pass to Valdes-Scantlingwho did not waste a precise pass from his quarterback and returned the advantage.

The last room returned to tie the duel in its first minutes, since after a Fumble of own Mahomesthe moment happened to be of the bengalis. fourth time Burrow found his favorite receiver on a long trajectory Ja Marr Chaseleaving the ball inside the six yard line of the rivals.

perine branchage carried the ball to the score and scored the 20-20.

Unfortunately for the Bengalsthe Chiefs defense was key again, and already having multiple sacks on the quarterback in the game, now Joshua Williams stole Burrow's shipment from Higgins.

After stopping the offense and with only two and a half minutes left in the game, the up to that point still AFC champions they took the grill again.

The series began promisingly by investing in a third and long chance, but the defense did not allow further advance and with less than a minute Kansas searched for the miracle.

The punt return by chrisman it was almost perfect and left Mahomes and the offense at the 47-yard line.

Cincinnati was a victim of its own mistakes once again, and with a punishment of unnecessary rudeness hitting the quarterback on the sidelines when he was already out, Butker entered the field and converted the kick for the final 20-23 and the go to the super bowl.

Now, Kansas City Y Philadelphia they will fight for it vince lombardi trophy in it Super Bowl LVII to be held in the city of Glendale,Arizona, the next Sunday February 12.

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