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Sergio Brown, former NFL player, was arrested this Wednesday by the San Diego Police Department, California, under the charge of first degree murder of his mother.

“The San Diego Police Department’s Threat Management Unit along with other local and federal agencies Mr. Brown was arrested after an arrest warrant was issued for first-degree murder in the death of his mother Myrtle Brown informed the Maywood, Illinois Police where the arrest warrant originated.

Brown, 35 years oldhad been missing since last September, when the body of his mother, Myrtle Brown, 73 years old, was found near his home in the Chicago suburbs.

Maywood Police reported that the former defensive back was arrested when was trying to cross from Mexico to the United States by San Diego, California.

“Sergio Brown was arrested while re-entered the United States via San Diego, from Mexico. Currently, the Mr. Brown is awaiting extradition to MaywoodIllinois, to face charges of first degree murder.”

In the report of Maywood Police Department It was detailed since when The search for the former NFL player began.

“On Saturday, September 16, when relatives and authorities could not locate the lady Mrytle Brown nor Sergio Brown, both were considered missing people. After a brief search of the residence the two shared in Maywood, Illinois, Mr. Mrytle Brown's body was found near a stream not far from the residence,” the statement explained.

The office of medical examiner of Cook County, Illinois, determined that She died from assault-related injuries. and the shape of the death was considered homicide.

Sergio Brown He came to the NFL in 2010 to play with the New England Patriots, team in which he spent two years. From 2012 to 2014 he was with the Indianapolis Colts; In 2015 I moved to Jacksonville Jaguars. He finished his career with Buffalo Bills in 2016.

During his time in the league played 94 games in which he registered 144 'tackles', 2.5 quarterback sacks and one interception.

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