NFL: Eagles beat Vikings to close out Week 2 | Video


The Philadelphia Eagles received in the last game of the NFL Week 2 to the minnesota vikingswho were imposed 7-24 from the Lincoln Financial Stadium in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia would take advantage of the locality and the toss in his favor to open the game in the best possible way, since after a 87-yard offensemostly no-huddle plays, the Eagles got their first touchdown off the quarterback’s legs Jalen Hurtswho took advantage of his speed to enter the diagonals and go up 0-7.

Minnesota would have their first opportunity in the match, but with only five plays and without going over two minutes of possession of the ball, they were forced to hand over the ball. The next two offensive drives, first by Philadelphia and then by Vikings, met the same fate and ended in clearances

It would be until the final minutes of the first quarter that the eagles would show their offensive weapons again, and in another series that covered almost the entire pitch, hurts had his first touchdown pass when finding Quez Watkins with a tremendous rocket that traveled more than 50 yards and gave his team the early lead 0-14.

Down and not wishing to stay out of the party, the vikings they had their first, and only, awakening on offense. Kirk Cousins, who at the time had looked very inaccurate, passed to 52 yards and led the vanguard of the Norsemen. The series would conclude with a short pass from two yards to Irv Smith and pointed to a possible return.

Unfortunately for the visitors, this never came, and after clearing their next chance, the home side would extend their lead even further when Jalen Hurts once again showed his versatility with his second ground score of the matchnow after going 26 yards.

In the last two minutes the scoreboard would change again, again in favor of ‘Philly‘. Hurts once again showed off the power of his arm and led a good 75-yard drive that would end in an attempt to Field goal that the kicker Jake Elliot would make cash for 7-24.

The second half would become a defensive duel and the scoreboard would not see changes, but for that reason Philadelphia did not look less impressive, now on the other side of the ball.

The Eagles would intercept quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​three times. The first would come early in the third quarter courtesy of darius slaywho would cut off a very promising drive for the Vikings by keeping the ball inside his own end zone.

The minnesota defense would allow a good offensive advance and would give Elliot the opportunity to further increase the advantage of the home team with a Field goalbut in a great defensive play by patrick petersonthey would face cover the 22-yard attempt.

With the momentum in their favor, it seemed that things were not lost yet for Cousins ​​and his offense, but after just one play the second interception of the party, now of Avonte Maddox.

With seven minutes in the last quarter Minnesota would find the red zone againbut again darius slay would ruin the dream and keep Cousins’ lob in the end zone for his second pick of the match and seal the 7-24 at home.

with victory, Philly improved to 2-0 in the campaign, while vikings are equal to 1-1 after two weeks of the 2022-23 campaign.

In the first meeting of Monday’s doubleheader, the buffalo bills would pass forcefully over the Tennessee Titanswho would allow only one touchdown in victory 7-41. the field marshal Josh Allenfinished with 317 yards, four touchdowns and didn’t give up any balls.

The NFL Week 2 concluded with the following results:

Los Angeles (Chargers) 24-27 Kansas City

Carolina 16-19 New York (Giants)
Tampa Bay 20-10 New Orleans
New York (Jets) 31-30 Cleveland
Miami 42-38 Baltimore
Washington 27-36 Detroit
Indianapolis 0-24 Jacksonville
New England 20-17 Pittsburgh
Altanta 27-31 Los Angeles (Rams)
Seattle 7-27 San Francisco
Houston 9-16 Denver
Arizona 29-23 Las Vegas
Cincinnati 17-20 Dallas
Chicago 10-27 Green Bay

Tennessee 7-41 Buffalo
Minnesota 7-24 Philadelphia

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