NFL: Damar Hamlin completes first practice with Bills after cardiac arrest | Video

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Damar Hamlin, cornerback who suffered a heart attack During a game last January, he completed a practice session with his team for the first time on Tuesday, Buffalo Bills, facing the 2023 NFL season.

Brandon Beane, general manager of the Bills, noted:

Damar has worked very hard on the mental side for this. Physically everything is clear, the real problem is mental after having been where he was.

last january 2 Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest during the regular season game between Buffalo and the Cincinnati Bengals. The player received cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the field and after being stabilized he was transferred to a hospital where he remained in critical condition for a week.

The cornerback, 25 years old, received the medical clearance to return to play with his team in the NFL last Aprileither. This Tuesday Hamlin completed a practice for the first time in which he wore his team's helmet.

It was really important to him, now he has to keep getting stronger. The next big challenge for him will be next week, when he has to be fully kitted out and make the first tackle on him.

After the incident he suffered in the field, Damar has dedicated himself to supporting a bill that promotes access to automatic defibrillators and training for its use in high schools in the United States.

In March he visited the president Joe Biden in the White House for that purpose.

The defensive back born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, was awarded last February with the Alan Page Community Award that grants the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) for outstanding social work to league players. Hamlin's foundation, “Chasing M's”has raised more than 10 million dollars.

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