NFL: "Dak Prescott is the quarterback who will take us to the Super Bowl": Jerry Jones | Video

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Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys, He stated this Tuesday that the quarterback Dak Prescott will take them to Super Bowl LVIII despite theups and downs that he has shown until Week 5.

After the beating that San Francisco 49ers beat the Cowboys (42-10) this Sunday at Levi's Stadiumthe owner of the Texan team declared:

Let's not make a mistake. Dak Prescott is the quarterback who will take us to the Super Bowl. That's what it will be like.

Prescott received harsh criticism for his performance in the defeat in which He only completed 14 of 24 passes for 153 yards, connected a score, He suffered three interceptions and three sacks.

He was replaced in the last period by Cooper Rushto avoid an injury, given the impossibility of overturning the score.

Jerry Jones He stressed that not for the overwhelming of this fall should consider a change in controls of your team.

We must continue with the things we have been working on and recognize that we had a very bad game. We just have to call it what it was, but from that to thinking that we should change all that is not even in our mind; It's really ridiculous.

The loss to the 49ers complicated the Cowboys' path to winning the league title. Eastern Division of the National Conference, in which they occupy second place with three wins and two losses, two games behind the leaders, Philadelphia Eagleswho are undefeated with five wins.

According to the owner of the Texan team, Prescott, the rest of the players and the coach Mike McCarthy They have the talent to recover from this shock.

I think we have the right quarterback, players and coaching staff to reach the goal we have set for ourselves.

The Cowboys they do not reach a final National Conference and consequently to a superbowl since in the XXX edition beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17, in the 1995 season.

In Week 6 Dallas will visit the Los Angeles Chargers next Monday.

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