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Christian Gonzalezcornerback of Colombian origin from the New England Patriots, was appointed this Thursday as Defensive Rookie of the month of September in the NFL.

The 21-year-old defender was born in Carrollton, Texas, but since he was selected in the first draft round this year for the 'Pats' He proudly showed off his Colombian roots.

Christian He is the son of the Colombian Hector Gonzalez who played basketball for the Pirates of Bogotá in the South American country.

He has three sisters Melissa, Samantha and Lily, who are dedicated to athletics and have represented Colombia in several international competitions.

Gonzalez He was also chosen by the NFL to be one of the representatives of Latin America in the Hispanic Heritage Month in the league, which started last September 15.

The Patriots cornerback earned recognition as Defensive Rookie of the Month thanks to his performances in the first three games of the season in which it adds 16 tackles, one sack, one interception and three passes defended.

In week 1 against Philadelphia he captured the 'quarterback' Jalen Hurts the first catch in his career.

In week 2 he recorded his first interception against the Dolphins of the field marshal Tua Tagovailoain a pass that stole the star Tyreek Hill.

In the rest of the designations for the highlight of the month appears Tua Tagovailoa, of the Dolphins. as American Conference Offensive Player (AFC) for his spectacular start that has his team with a 3-0 record.

Yours has accumulated 1,024 passing yards and eight touchdowns with a completion percentage of 71.3. The week before he passed for 309 yards and four touchdowns in a 70-20 win over Denver.

The Best Offense in the National Conference (NFC) it was for Christian McCaffrey, corridor of the San Francisco 49ers, who leads the league with 353 rushing yards on 60 carries and three touchdowns. Through the air he has 11 receptions for 70 yards.

Trent Jordan Watt linebacker of the Pittsburgh Steelersobtained recognition for Best Defensive Player in the AFC thanks to the six quarterback sacks he has achieved. He has also forced two fumbles and two recoveries, including one returned for a touchdown.

In the NFC the designation of Best Defender it was for Micah Parsons linebacker of the Dallas Cowboys, who has four sacks and eight hits on the quarterback.

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