NFL: Arrival of Aaron Rodgers increases Jets ticket sales by 400%

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The owner of the New York Jets, woody johnsonaffirmed this Tuesday that with the hiring of Aaron Rodgers the sale of tickets to see his team in the season of the nfl recorded a surprising 400 percent increase.

“Team ticket sales have gone crazy in recent days”said the executive through a video in which he reported that ticket sales grew 400 percent compared to last season.

Aaron Rodgerswho spent 18 years in Green Bay, signed to lead the New Yorkers' offense jets at the end of last April after an extensive period of speculation about whether he was retiring from the NFL, he would continue with the franchise of Wisconsin Or change teams.

Ticket sales for Jets games in 2023 have skyrocketed 250 percent since Rodgers announced his intention to play in New York on March 15 of this year, arriving at the 400 percent after April 24, when the signing of the 39-year-old veteran was finalized.

The Jets play in the MetLife Stadiumlocated in the Meadowlands suburb of East Rutherford, New Jersey, a stadium with a capacity of 82,500 spectators.

The commercial impact caused by the arrival of the champion in Super Bowl XLV also reached the commercialization of Jets articles.

According to the sales report through the team's website, these are increased more than 1.2 million dollars in the first 49 hours after the announcement of the arrival of the four-time NFL MVP of the season and are projected to reach the three million dollars in the next few days.

With the arrival of the future Hall of Famer, the Jets could go on to occupy prime time television up to six times during the weekend games of the 2023 campaign, a significant increase from last season in the that only appeared in one.

This has caused television networks to have the New York team as a priority for their television advertisements.

Unlike the recurring absences during the offseason in his last years with Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers showed up yesterday at the start of voluntary training with his new team.

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