NFL: Aaron Rodgers dressed up as Batman to motivate the Jets

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Allen Lazardstar wide receiver for the New York Jets, stated this Monday that the injured Aaron Rodgers he dressed up as batmanthe popular DC Comics character, to give a message of motivation and unity to the team.

The receiver stated in a press conference.

Honestly, he just walked into the team room dressed as Batman. It was kind of a Hollywood moment where Aaron Rodgers showed up and I just thought he was about to fly. It was to tell us that we should stick together.

The Jets fell 23-20 last Sunday in a close game against the Kansas City Chiefs which placed them with a 1-3 record in last place in the Eastern division of the American Conference, until week 4 of the 2023 season.

Rodgers, who spent 18 years with the Green Bay Packers, with whom he won a Super Bowl, was hired this year to be the Jets' quarterback, but in the Week 1 game against the Buffalo Bills he broke his heel. Achilles was therefore out for the rest of the season.

Lazard stressed that the experienced quarterback appeared at the time the team needed him most, especially Zach Wilsona quarterback who replaced Rodgers, who had not stopped receiving criticism for his performance.

He came to tell Zach and all of us that it was just about staying together, believing in each other; that there will be difficult moments throughout the game, throughout the season. But you always have to support each other and believe.

Rodgers, who underwent Achilles surgery on September 14, walked briskly across the grass at MetLife Stadium, home of the Jets, barely supported by a pair of crutches, after changing the costume under which he addressed the crowd. his companions.

He even dared to pick up a ball and make a pass on his walk along the team bench.

The result of the words of the four-time NFL Most Valuable Player was evident with the Jets who rose from a 17-0 deficit and had the game tied 20-20 against the champions, although in the end they fell.

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