Neymar is fined for violating environmental measures imposed in Brazil

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The environmental authorities of Rio de Janeiro imposed this Saturday a new fine to the striker of the Brazilian team and the Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar Jrfor violating the ban imposed this week in one of his mansions where the footballer build an artificial lake.

The inspectors once again visited the mansion of the Brazilian international and identified movements in the prohibited zone, which implies the breach of the embargo and new environmental infractions.

The striker violated the sanction on Friday, a day after it was imposed, by making a party to inaugurate the lake.

The images circulated through social networks along with others in which some of the guests even posed next to the interdiction posters.

The new evidence corroborated by the inspectors of the Ministry of the Environment of Mangaritibaa municipality on the coast of Rio de Janeiro known for its luxurious resorts and mansions, were included in the process of investigation that is followed by the case, according to a note from the entity.

Until now the amount of the fines is unknownwhich according to the authorities will be known in the coming days, after the case is analyzed, according to official sources.

The works that were carried out in Neymar's mansion were suspended on thursday past when the environmental authorities found a series of irregularities in the work.

Some of the points raised by the prosecutors were the diversion of the course of streams, the collection of water from a river without proper authorization, prohibited excavations, irregular movement of rocks and earth, and use of beach sand.

The works were getting ahead of the Aero Rural condominiumnext to Portobello, where the player has another luxurious mansion of five thousand square meters valued at 28 million reais (about 5.87 million dollars or 5.36 million euros).

(With information from EFE)

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