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A capture of the video where the soccer player Neymar gives his support to Jair Bolsonaro.neymarjr (RR. SS.)

Jair Bolsonaro has reason to celebrate in the last stretch of the campaign for the Presidency of Brazil. Neymar, the top soccer star in his country, uploaded this Thursday to his account on TikTok, where he has more than eight million followers, a video in which he asks for the vote for the leader of the extreme right. The player does not speak to the camera, but gestures briskly over a song that says "vote, vote and confirm: 22, it's Bolsonaro." 22 is the number that voters who opt for the re-election of the president must dial in the electronic ballot box. It has been a boost of unpredictable electoral consequences when there are only three days left for the elections. The video also coincided with the broadcast of a Datafolha poll that gave Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva a victory with 50% of the valid votes, enough to win the first round by the minimum.

Neymar's video, which lasts less than 15 seconds, caught fire like wildfire on Bolsonarist social networks. The president replied in his official account, and also his sons Eduardo Bolsonaro, deputy and senator Flávio. Only in Neymar's TikTok account had he added 7.4 million views in less than two hours.

“Hexa Reelection; Okay, Neymar,” President Bolsonaro wrote on Twitter. “Re-election” by yours; "Hexa" for the six-time championship that the Brazilian team will seek in the World Cup in Qatar.

Bolsonaro did not appear in public this Thursday. He preferred to concentrate on preparing for tonight's debate, the last one he will have face to face with Lula before Sunday's session. But he had already sown the seed of Neymar's support. It only took 24 hours to reap the fruits of the visit he made on Wednesday to the headquarters of the Neymar Jr. Foundation, where the player assists dozens of underprivileged children in the south of São Paulo.

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The French PSG player did not accompany the president because he was in Tunisia, where he participated in a game of the Brazilian team. But he sent her a thank you video in which, however, he avoided giving explicit support for his candidacy. “I appreciate the illustrious sight of him. I wanted very much to be with you, but unfortunately I am far away. Next time we will be together," Neymar told Bolsonaro in a recorded message.

Neymar has been showing himself close to the leader of the extreme right for some time, but he had never declared his vote like now. Last August, he gave her an autographed ball. And in 2018, after Bolsonaro's triumph was known, he asked "that God can use him in some way to help our country." The last time the soccer player had sided with a candidate was in 2014, when he supported Aécio Neves, the center-right candidate who finally lost in the second round against Dilma Rousseff, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's candidate in those elections. .

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